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Digital Systems

System design architectures and roadmaps which I am involved in Data Centers, Digital Transformation and Smart Factories concepts 

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Seminars and events where I was invited as a speaker at global events and organizations held all over the world   

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Digitization and Industry4.0

Conferences and articles on Industry 4.0, Data Centers, Cloud Techs, Internet of Things, IIoT, digital transformation, modern smart factories

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Ibrahim Kuscu

Global Digital Transformation Manager

He has completed his childhood and primary school years in London.  After graduating from Kilburn St.Mary, he has studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering.  He created his own software brand while in college. 

He had the opportunity to work in the technology teams of world-renowned companies such as  Schneider ElectricGoogle TelAviv, Microsoft, GE,  Unilever.

He was accepted by prestigious academies such as Entrepreneurship Foundation, YGA,   Sabancı Holding OYW and actively participated in many projects. He was invited as a speaker to many domestic and international seminars on digitalization and IIOT.  He had opportunity to visit hundreds of different cities and more than 20 countries with this events.



In the YBL21 programme, sponsored by Koç Holding and Unilever, "21 special leaders of the future", selected from among thousands of young leader candidates who apply to the programme every year, have the opportunity to develop themselves with a unique experience and exchange during the programme.

Vision 2025

It's easy to get started .

Are you ready to pay the price?

How is it that people who have the same conditions as you in this world can be better than you, stronger than you?

We travel to many countries of the world, to learn a new world, a new culture;

At a young age, when even your surroundings don't expect anything from you, you can believe in yourself and change your life first and then the lives of all your loved ones.

Traveling the world starts with confidence .

Ibrahim Kuscu



Research and development activities on new trends that will redefine the world with Industry 4.0 & Internet of Things, Data Centers and create digital factories and flawless production and management technologies 

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